Distance Education

We believe in distance education so our programs are designed for the busy professional. Our classes can be taken online from anywhere in the world. US military veteran friendly.

Our Curriculum

We pride ourselves on our high selective admissions, rigorous curriculum, demanding capstones, and detailed dissertations.

Jobs and careers

As a startup, we're constantly innovating new ways to deliver education that meets the demands of the ever changing job market.

Earn volunteer hours with the United Nations!

Through a special partnership with our partner in the regional Coucil of Organizations of the Orange County chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA, we're able to give our students the opportunity of a lifetime!

To meet the volunteer hours required by some classes at Shield, you can now save yourself the trouble of having to find a volunteer opportunity, applying, and getting your professor's approval. By using the volunteer jobs offered by the United Nations through our school, you can get straight into the action.


Transcripts and alumni verification

Please contact us with your request, which will require a payment of $50 per transcript and $20 for a letter of enrollment or alumni verification.